Is Photography Art?

By: Jack Brittain Is photography art? That is a question that has been going around my head for the last 2 months. I have read some articles, asked people’s opinions and kicked the question around in many different ways. Depending on the article you read or the person you ask; the answers are: photography is Continue reading

Acrylic Painting Techniques

Courtesy of the ACRYLIC PAINTING TECHNIQUES Acrylic paints, a modern medium which came into general use in the 1960s, have become very popular due to their extreme versatility. They are made from pigment, water and an acrylic binder, which forms a hard, clear film as the water evaporates. It is this transparent film, reflecting Continue reading

Which White is Right?

Courtesy of, written by Judy Taylor. I discovered the misuse of white quite accidentally. I wanted to paint the delicate peaches and cream complexion of my granddaughter. While I got the right value and hue, the results looked chalky. Where, I wondered, did I do wrong? I asked that question several times and finally Continue reading