Partner Opportunities

We have several partnership opportunities available for various art organisations.

    – Art news publications and online platforms are encouraged to partner with us and receive a prominent listing on our News & Events section and Main Page as well as ongoing opportunities to include their work in our News & Events section and email newsletters (with a link back to their website). Please contact for more information.

    – Organisations that wish to offer value to our Artist Members such as through discounts on their products or services are invited to email us Current partners include Curry’s Artists’ Materials and Winged Canvas.

    – Other art organisations such as academic institutions and art departments, galleries, museums, and various art groups & communities are encouraged to become CAO organisation members (free of charge) and promote their programs, services, news, events, etc to our Artist Members. Please view our Organisational Member Benefits or Register Now.

    – Art insiders such as Chairs and heads of any of the above art organisations, art professors, critics, curators, renown & established artists (invitation only), and other art professionals are invited to become Honorary Members (free of charge). Please view our Honorary Member Benefits or Register Now.

    We are actively seeking affiliate partners to grow our Art Community and provide our Artist Members valuable resources. If your organisation would like partner with us or explore additional ways to get involved in CAO activities, please contact us at We look forward to working with you!



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